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Equality Diversity & Inclusion

We value our people and recognise they are our greatest asset. Our overall aim is to develop our staff, give them clear career pathways, provide them with the leadership, skills and knowledge they need to deliver the care our patients need now and in the future, to support their wellbeing and to recognise and value their diversity.

A diverse and culturally aware workforce is better placed to understand and respond to the needs of everyone in our community. At December 2019, the Trust employed 5426 staff of whom:

  • 79.91% are women;
  • 28% are aged under 35 years and 20.66% are aged over 55 years;
  • 16.18 % are from black and minority ethnic communities.
  • 3.32 % have declared themselves to be disabled; 84.74% have declared themselves to be non-disabled and the disability status of the remainder is not known/ not declared.
  • 77.79% of our staff said they were as heterosexual; 2.12% as lesbian, gay bisexual, or other and 20.09% chose not to tell us
  • 52.47% declared Christianity as their religion; with the next highest religion being Atheism (13.3%) and 21.47% chose not to tell us
  • The average age of our Board members is 57; none declared a disability; the make-up of the Board is 88.23% White British; 41.17% are female.

The largest area of ethnic diversity is found at the two extremes of Band 2 and Medical Staffing, with Band 5 showing the next indication of diverse staff member. Our workforce is over- representative of the growing ethnic diversity in the local community but not at all levels Women make up the majority of the workforce.

Local Population

Trust Workforce

Largest age band 40-49

Largest age band 46-55 Average age 44.5

26.7% report a disability or long- term condition

3.32% report disability, with 11.94 % not declared

BME make up is 8 %

BME make up 16.18%

51.1% female

79.91% female

Sexual orientation, no local data. LGBT Estimated to be 5-7% nationally

2.12% LGBT, with 20.09% not declared

You can view our latest Equality Diversity & Inclusion report here.